Vegan Sandwich


A Stand-Alone Plant-Based / Vegan Plan Option

Moving to a Plant-Based / Vegan diet is becoming more and more popular due to numerous health reasons, as well as the overall positive impact it can have for animals and the planet / environment.  So, it was a natural progression for My Evolution to “jump in” and offer a “stand alone” plan option to assist with weight loss & health, that also works with these choices and doesn’t just say “If you are vegan, swap the chicken in this recipe for tofu.”

We are excited to be launching "Botanical" in early 2022.  We have done months of testing and the results have been all we hoped they would be.  We can't wait to launch it.

If you purchase My Evolution between now and when we launch, you can request a copy of the Botanical plan, when we launch, so you don't miss out on having access to it.

Healthy Vegan Salad