Mar 1, 2021 - Mar 31, 2021

My Evolution March Challenge

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The My Evolution March Challenge is here to help guide you through the month of March and keep you on track, so you can achieve the best results you can, while using the My Evolution eBook to it's full advantage. Hopefully, it will also help you feel supported. So what do you need to do in the March Challenge? EVERY DAY IN MARCH you must - Exercise to your capability. Pick the type of exercise you want to do, just give it your all! (Page 248 of M.E. has an exercise journal) Pick one of the 4 plan options listed in the eBook, to follow TO THE LETTER for the full month (see Chapter 2 for all the plan option details) Fill out your food journal everyday. You can use the one found on page 247 of M.E. , use a notebook, myfitnesspal, whatever floats your boat. Commit to have - * No sweets/lollies/junk food * No booze * No takeaway * No sugar filled or creamy drinks * No cakes, biscuits or pastries. Drink between 2 - 2.5 litres of water per day (see page 202 re water intake) Take a before photo (for your own record), body measurements, weigh in (page 237 of My Evolution gives you all the details on how to do these correctly and on page 249 is a measurements journal for you to use to record these details in) Each day write down how you feel. Warts & all (on page 250 of M.E. you will find an "Emotions Journal" page. You don't need to print out 31 copies, you can use it as a guide and simply answer the questions in a notepad if you like)

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My Evolution March Challenge

My Evolution March Challenge

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