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eBooks To Help You Hit Your Goals

The benefit of an eBook is its convenience.  Once purchased, you can download the eBook to your computer, tablet, phone or any device that can store and read PDF files.

The eBook is emailed to your nominated email address and is ready to go.  No waiting for anything to arrive via the mail or courier. It's instant.

Simply open, SAVE and start reading.

We advise everyone to not only print out their eBooks, but also to save them ASAP onto an external hard drive, "in the cloud", in Dropbox or the like or a USB, to protect your purchase from loss, damage, virus etc.

The range of eBooks cover everything you will need to start you on your journey to better

health - weight loss plans, healthy recipe eBooks, and journals to track your progress

....we have you covered.

To order, simply select the category you would like to order from, then scroll through and find the eBook that suits your needs.  There are also great packages of eBooks you can purchase to save you time and money, so pick one that suits your needs!

When you purchase My Evolution, you will also get the bonus of being able to request to join our Private Facebook support group.  Simply contact us via private message on Margie's public Facebook page or via the contact email listed at the bottom of each webpage and we will organise to add you to the group.