Frequently Asked Questions


Which program should I buy?

The main program is the My Evolution eBook. This is the program based on the plan Margie followed whilst in The Biggest Loser house in 2012. It has four different ways to follow it, so is very adaptable. To purchase, simply click on the eBooks tab at the top of the website and thenn select "Weightloss". Simply follow the prompts from there. You can also purchase My evolution as part of a package. To find out more information on those, select "multi ebook packs"

Can I purchase these in hard copy form?

At the moment - no. We sometimes do speical offers, where hard copies of some of the eBooks are avilable, but it is rare. The benefit to an eBook, is you can get it instantly - no waiting for the post!

Where can I download my eBook purchase to?

My eBooks are all in a PDF format. So you can download them to any computer that can read PDF's, any tablet or phone that can read PDF's. We strongly advise you to SAVE your purchase as soon as you can, including backing it up on a USB, in "the cloud", in Dropbox, or even emailing it to yourself.

How many times can I download my eBook purchase?

You have 5 downloads per purchase.

I have downloaded my eBook, but I can't find it! What do I do?

Don't panic...we've got a record of all purchases - including your name and the email address the purchase was sent to. However, firstly, have a look in your downloads folder on your computer or device. You can also check your download history. If you still can't locate it, you can download your purchase up to 5 times. If you are still having issues, either contact us via - 1 - the contact page on this website, requesting assistance 2 - a Private Message via Margie's public Facebook page and we can assist you from there.

Are there ongoing membership fees to pay?

NO! You only have to pay once per eBook or eBook package! The price that is listed is a single, once off payment.

How do I get access to the free Support group mentioned?

To have access to the free private Facebook Support Group, you only have to do two things: 1 - Purchase My Evolution, or any package that My Evolution is included in 2 - You can access the support group by CLICKING HERE You must have access to a copy of your purchase receipt, and a copy of your downloaded eBook to answer the three entry questions for group access. 3 - Email our admin team directly. You must include a copy of your purchase receipt, clearly showing the eBook or package purchased.

Can anyone follow the weightloss programs?

Yes and no :-) If you answer yes to any of the following: * I have existing illnesses or conditions needing medical attention / medication * I am under 16 years of age * I have allergies or food intolerances * I am pregnant * I am breast feeding Then we advise you to take your copy of My Evolution to your general practitioner or health care professional BEFORE starting, to make sure it meets YOUR personal requirements and needs, and is safe for YOU to follow. My evolution can also be adapted to suit specialised diets such as gluten free, FODMAP, diabetic needs etc.

Is My Evolution suitable for Vegetarians or Vegans?

While M.E. was not written specifically in this way, we have many vegetarians and vegans who follow the plan and adapt it to suit their needs. There is a section on page 65 of the eBook that covers these, as well as gluten free requirements.

I can't find an answer to the question I have. What do I do?

You have three options - 1 - contact us via the website contact page 2 - send us a Private Message via Margie's Public Facebook page 3 - send our admin team a direct email


I don't like "XYZ" vegetable. Do I have to eat it?

No you don't! On page 73 of the eBook, you will find a list of all the approved fruits and vegetables you can exchange while following the program. You can repeat them as much as you like, mix them up to give yourself variety or eat the same ones every day. It's up to you. As a general rule, if you can't find the vegetable you would like to swap in, on the list, it most likley means you need to avoid it while following the program. But please, feel free to contact us - 1 - via the contact page on the website, 2 - via Private Message on Margie's public Facebook page 3 - within the private Facebook Support Group and we can tell you if you can add in the vegetable or fruit you are wanting to swap in.

So where can I find snack ideas?

Turn to page 84 of your My Evolution eBook and you will find a list of suggested snacks as well as details about what you can and can't have.

Just to start with, is there a sample menu plan I can look at and use, while I 'find my feet'?

Yes there is. We have included a full 7 day plan that you can follow, for each of the three M.E. options listed in the eBook. You will find these on - Page 53 for the Genesis Option Page 55 for the Energize Option Page 58 for the Adapt Option On Page 59, you will also find information on the Ongoing Body Transformtion Option.

How can I check I am not missing any required foods?

If you turn to page 242 of your eBook, we have created a handy check list, that you can use to make sure you are getting everything you should be, on a daily basis, when following either the Genesis Option or the Energize Option. Until you get the hang of it, we suggest you print these two pages out seperately, laminate them and stick them on your fridge. Then as you have each item, tick it off with a whiteboard marker.

I'm not sure what exercises to do - what do you suggest?

This will vary for everyone, depending on many factors. Walking is FANTASTIC and it's free! If all you can do is going for a walk each day - then do that! It not only helps with your weight loss and general fitness, it helps improve your mental health and well being as well. We have included a 4 week exercise program in your eBook, which you will find starting on page 160. It is a step by step plan, suitable for most. Instructions and some photos, are included to help you along the way. We have also included an 8 week exercise program in your eBook to match up with the Ongoing Body Transformation plan, which you will find starting on page 175. We encourage ANY sort of exercise you can do - be that simple walking, or going to a gym or even playing team sports once a week. This is your journey, so do whatever you feel you are capable of. At the end of the day, you can't out exercise a bad diet! So the key is your food consumption. If you can't exercise due to health or immobility issues, don't worry. Just do whatever you can, when you can - My Evolution will still work well without exercise.

I need to speak to someone and get some help with the plan. Can I do that?

Yes you can! You have four options - 1 - Simpy contact us via our contact page on the website 2 - Send us a private message on Margie's public Facebook page 3 - Send our admin team an email directly 4 - make sure you ask to join our Facebook Support Group, and ask your question in a group seen post.