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My Evolution (M.E.) has transformed itself over the years.  Originally named Rock Bottom, we saw four successful editions be released.  With M.E., we started by making it even more user friendly, based on talking to you - the customers - who have been using the plans over the years.  Changing the things you found hard to follow, adding things to broaden it's appeal and effectiveness and increasing the foods suitable to use.  We also changed the way WE think about it.  Originally, the Rock Bottom plan was all about the first four weeks of you and your weight loss journey.  Now, it has "evolved" and is now focused on helping you progress past the first four weeks and giving you a plan with options, that can be customized to fit your lifestyle, even after you have reached your goal weight.  We try hard not to use the word "diet" too often, because we want you to find a new way of fueling your body, that not only helps you achieve your weight loss / health goals, but changes the relationship you have with food.

My Evolution is focused around ONE core plan, that is the basis for all three options to follow.  It is suitable / adaptable for almost everyone - men, women, active, inactive, overweight, obese, morbidly obese.  Celiacs, people following FODMAP, women with PCOS, diabetics, vegetarians, vegans, and people with different food intolerance's.  It is focused on fresh foods, we try to avoid prepacked options.  Minimal (if any) added sugars or fats, fruit options, protein in every meal, lots of veggies to help fill you up and give your body what it needs to function.  Every day (in each plan option) you have three main meals (real fresh food not meal replacements or prepackaged options) and three snacks every day.  The snacks give you lots of flexibility and creativity - if you want it.  All three options have ONE day a week, that is a low calorie day.  It is the one day, we ask you to follow "as written". ** 
The My Evolution eBook gives you more than just one single plan, M.E. is FOUR plans in one eBook -

Genesis (1200 cals per day) -
“The original start or point at which something comes into being.”
This is based on the plan Margie followed while she was in The Biggest Loser house, that helped her lose 70 kgs.  However, it has been adapted/changed to be more user friendly, healthier, safer and less restrictive.  It is about kick starting your weight loss, to help give you results, that keep you motivated to continue.  This will happen, but you need to follow it to the letter to get the best outcomes.  You can use the recipes included in the eBook and the information files from the support group every now and then, but for the best results, follow "as written".   It is basic, it can be challenging for some, but it is very rewarding.

Energize (1200 - 1400 cals per day) -
“To give vitality and enthusiasm.”

Based on the same core plan as we follow in the Genesis option, the Energize option gives you some extra calories to play with, and lets you bring in hundreds of recipes from the Evolve Your Food eCookbook or use the recipes included in the M.E. eBook or the support group information files.  This is a more "family friendly" option, that everyone can sit down and enjoy.  While the Genesis option can be the basis of what your family can enjoy too (they have extras you don't have), the Energize meals mean you can really all eat the same.  It is a little more relaxed.  You can add in extra protein choices, some extra serves of bread / wraps / rolls and still achieve wonderful results.  

Adapt (1800 - 2200 cals per day) -
“To become adjusted to new conditions.”

Again, the main core plan is the base of the Adapt option.  This option is included for maintaining your weight loss, having a break between lower calorie options, losing weight at a more gentle, slower pace, or if you are male (1800 cals per day - men need higher calories as a general rule) or if you are pregnant / breast feeding (1800 - 2200 depending on your needs and advice from your medical professional),  It is by far, the most versatile option to follow.  Protein serves are higher and a little more broad, and some good quality, healthy carbs are added to those already in the other two options.

Ongoing Body Transformation

Previously sold as the separate, stand alone plan "Rock Solid".  The Ongoing Body Transformation is almost like a "reverse diet".  It's a great way to return to eating higher calories and a more diverse range of foods. It also helps you add back foods you ate in the past, without falling into the trap of returning to bad habits, as well as increased and uncontrolled portions - which is very common!   

It is also a fantastic slower weight loss plan to use if you don't want to count calories, follow a low calorie plan or would prefer everything provided for you to follow - including what to eat, recipes and even planned cheat meals.  So it can be used instead of the other options in this book if you like. 

ALL FOUR OPTIONS are tried, tested and work when followed correctly.  The added beauty of these four options, is you can mix and match them, according to YOUR needs.  They can be easily adapted to family life / work life and you don't need to worry about expensive recipes you have to follow or start and stop dates - you start and stop when YOU want to.  You have a list of suitable foods you can pick from, the core plan lists out the basics you need to have every day, and their portions and you have the freedom to either follow the cooking methods / foods listed in the core plan, or you can swap them out for other suitable options from the food lists included in the eBook.  You can get creative with your meals or keep them basic and simple.
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So you can see what you get in the eBook, click on the link below and you will be shown the table of contents for M.E..  If you have questions at all, feel free to private message Margie via her public Facebook page, or send her a message via the contact page on the website.