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What is "The Core Plan"?

The Core Plan has been kept as simple and straight forward to follow as possible.  It is about trying to make the plan fit with you and your lifestyle / family needs, not making you fit the plan!  You need to feel free to make choices that suit YOUR day, YOUR family or YOUR week.  We don't think you need to be told what recipe you are going to be cooking on this day, for this meal, or creating a set menu for you, that creates a shopping list that causes you to lose your control over the family budget.  Sure, we have included some fantastic plan approved recipes in the eBook, that you can use, and maybe you purchased Evolve Your Food (or a pack with that in it), which will give you hundreds of recipes to pick from.  But My Evolution is about giving you freedom and choices.  All you need to do, is follow the portion sizes and allowed foods listed.  What you cook with those, to create your meals, is 100% up to you.

Yes, you can keep it totally simple and straight forward, and just eat the foods listed in the plan "as they are".  Maybe you don't like being or need to be creative.  Maybe you are happy with simple.  That's ok.  You are "behind the wheel" here.  You call the shots.  So long as you stick with the basic portions and the foods you use are on the approved list, you can be as creative as you like and the plan will still work!  Want to make a curry - do it!  Feel like soup - make it!  Want to use a plant based "meat swap" - you can!  Have a family recipe that you would like to try to adapt to the plan - give it a shot!  If you aren't sure, send us an email, ask a question in the My Evolution Facebook group or send us a private message on Facebook, and we will help you out ASAP.

As the eBook states, you can swap your main meals around if you like – whatever works best for you – but that doesn’t mean you can have three lots of breakfast or have breakfast, skip lunch and move it into a massive dinner! You MUST have three stand-alone main meals – breakfast, lunch and dinner – every day. You MUST have three snacks every day (all before dinner and no fruit after 3 pm).  Each main meal MUST have a serve of protein in it and must have either fruit or vegetables.  This way, your body has the best chance to get everything it needs daily. 

You will find a detailed breakdown of the Core Plan on page 43 of the My Evolution ebook.  On pages 47 and 48, you will also find the minimum requirements for the Core Plan.  If you make sure you are getting those, you will be fine.  Not sure if you are? Go to page 242 - 243 and print out the "Daily Genesis or Energize Checklist".  Laminate it, stick it to your fridge, grab a whiteboard marker and cross off each food as you have it.  Even better - PLAN AHEAD!  Print out the "My Menu Plan At A Glance" from page 246 and plan your week out, so you know what to have and when to have it.

What is "The Calorie Reduced Day"?

This is a day that people tend to forget about, or even avoid.  But it is important and will really assist you getting the results you want.  The bonus with this day, is you really don't have to think.  You just eat what is listed.  It's the one day a week, where creativity needs to take a back seat.  But in saying that, you have options and choices still, they are just limited.

It is a very plain cooking and eating day. Snacks are where you can bring in some variety though, even though they need to be kept to 100 calories - instead of like the other six days, when they need to be between 100 - 150 calories.  The total calories for the day, including your 3 snacks, should be approximately 800 calories.  If you follow the plan “as written” the only calories you should need to count on this day, are your three snacks.  If you are swapping out the protein due to dislike, being vegetarian or vegan, then please keep the portion to 100 gms or approximate 100 - 125 calories per serve.

What are the key pages to print out?

This is a question, that is quite regularly asked.  Not everyone wants to print out the full eBook, especially since there are over 250 pages!  But sometimes, having a "hard copy" to use, is extremely handy.  So here is a list of the pages we think you really should have "on hand" while following the plan.  So here are our recommendations - 

If you are going to be following Genesis / Energize / Adapt)

 * Page 43 - The Core Meal Plan

 * Page 44 - The Low Calorie Day

 * Pages 47 & 48 - The breakdown of the minimum daily requirements for 'The Core Plan'.

 * Pages 52 & 53 - Genesis Plan details & sample menu (if wishing to follow Genesis)

 * Pages 54 & 55 - Energize Plan details and sample menu (if wishing to follow Energize)

 * Pages 56 - 58 - Adapt Plan details and sample menu plan (if wishing to follow Adapt)

 * Pages 73 - 79 - Approved food list / Reaching your calories

 * Pages 81 & 82 - Approved sauces etc and other approved foods

 * Pages 83 & 84 - Snacks and snack rules

 * Appendix - Pages 242 to 251.

If you are going to be following the Ongoing Body Transformation option -

 * Print out all of chapter five.

 * Appendix - Pages 247 to 251.

Obviously, we recommend printing out the entire eBook.  This not only makes it easier to read and access quickly, but protects your copy of the plan, from getting lost due to computer issues.  Places such as Officeworks, will print and bind a copy (double sided, black and white and with a clear cover) for under $20.  You can also print out sections - plan sections / recipes / exercises / goal setting - and have separate "volumes" of the eBook that you can grab and use when needed.