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Learn To Love Cooking.

There are numerous studies that show the benefits of cooking your own meals at home.  Especially when it comes to having a focus on weight loss.  While many of us can find cooking meals a "chore", creating something from scratch can be very rewarding, not only physically, but mentally. 

Another important factor, is it also gives you more control over what you are eating, which is very important when working on improving your health and weight.  Avoiding overly processed foods is vital, as well as being able to control the added sugar, fat and salt content.


It is so easy to find a reason to skip exercise.  One of the most common is "I struggle to find the time!"  But we don't struggle to find the time to keep appointments with Doctor's, colleagues, family and friends!  YOU are important too!

One of the simplest ways to make time for exercise, is to actually MAKE time...make an appointment with yourself, in your diary or calendar and not stand yourself up!

Book in a block of time to exercise, allowing time to get to the gym or park or wherever, time to get back to work or home and enough time to actually get in some quality exercise.


Make An Appointment With Yourself.

Prep Is King.

Whether referring to preparing your food in advance, writing up your meal plan for the week ahead, or doing an exercise program to follow, prep will give you an advantage that will help you succeed.

With food, you can prep in many different ways - 
* preparing a shopping list
* preparing a meal plan in advance
* cutting / chopping / portioning fruit, veg and protein
* organising snacks to "grab & go"
* precooking & portioning meals ahead of time for yourself or your family

When preparing a meal plan, don't just consider your food, think about what needs to be done for others in the family, and how / if you can save time by combining the meals in some way i.e. serve the same veggies, just different portion sizes.  Having an idea of what you will be cooking for each night of the week, takes some of the guess work out of things as well.