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My Evolution Starter Package - $34.50


Purchase My Evolution and Evolve Your Food together. These two eBooks go hand in hand and will help you achieve your weight loss goals.

SAVE $8.40 or 20% from the R.R.P. of both separately!

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My Evolution Genesis Package - $35.00


This is the perfect starter package for anyone wanting to lose weight and track their success.  My Evolution paired with The My Evolution Nutrition and Exercise Diary, so you can track your exercise, food intake, calories and much more.

SAVE $8.90 or 20% from the R.R.P. of both separately!

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My Evolution Food Package - $29.50


Weight loss success doesn’t always happen because you are following a great plan.  You need to track everything you are doing, and eating, so you can see what is working, what is not working and to give you something to work towards.  The My Evolution Nutrition & Exercise Diary will help you track everything you eat and do towards your goals.

Having variety while you are on a weightloss journey is key - so is not having to cook different meals for yourself and your family.  Enjoy eating healthy meals together, while you follow the My Evolution plan (or any other plan) by cooking some amazing recipes from the Evolve Your Food eCookbook.

SAVE $7.40 or 20% from the R.R.P. of both separately!

My Evolution Complete Package - $49.50

Jump straight in and purchase all three My Evolution eBooks, so you have everything you need to hit the ground running.

SAVE $12.35 or 20% from the R.R.P. of all purchased separately