A deliciously simple Iced Green Tea with Apple.

90% green tea + 10% fruit = 100% healthy hydration.

Each sachet makes up to 500ml of pure, iced green tea in an instant.

Take them to work, enjoy them at home and store some in your gym bag for convenient, healthy hydration.

Green Tea In 3 Seconds 3 : Apple 10-pack

  • 90% green tea + 10% apple = 100% natural, delicious instant tea.


    This pack contains 10 individual sachets of pure tea and fruit extract.


    We encourage you to pour directly into your permanent water bottle to help with hydration, boost your antioxidants, help save you money, and help save the environment.


    When you buy this 10-pack, you’re paying under $1.00 for each sachet which makes up to 500ml of the purest iced tea available, instantly.


    No added sugar, nothing artificial and zero calories.

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