What is "Rock Solid" ?

Rock Solid is designed to follow on from the hugely successful 4-week eating plan Rock Bottom (but it doesn’t have to). We have designed this plan to ensure that the weight you lost on Rock Bottom will stay off, FOR GOOD.   By increasing the calories to just under 1900 calories, we have ensured you will be consuming more foods that are tasty and healthy while still losing weight!  Plus, it allows your body to adjust to higher calories again, without the kilos returning. 


The plan has the recommended amounts of nutrients and calories to help you lose weight safely and effectively, over a longer period of time.  Rock Solid also includes a basic exercise program from Jared King of Drive Fitness, Queensland, that will have you off the lounge and out being active - even if you are a beginner.  

Rock Solid follows along the same lines of my first healthy eating plan, Rock Bottom.  While both have a “set plan” format to guide you, they are slightly different in the way you follow them.  Rock Bottom requires you to use a base set plan as your starting point for each day, with the freedom to make some choices with your vegetables, proteins and snacks from approved lists and in set portions.  There are also three different ways to follow Rock Bottom, depending on your personal requirements.  You also need to count and track your daily calorie intake every day. 

Rock Solid requires no real daily calorie tracking, but asks you to use set meals (recipes included) instead, that allow you to have options (slightly more calories) and all you do is follow it.  We have worked very hard to try and minimise the actual food prep because lets be honest, our time is limited.  We don’t have our own chef, many of you are parents and many of you work full time. Plus, for most, cost is also a factor!  

Here’s my favourite bit... CHEAT MEALS!  Yes, you read that correctly.  We all like to “go off plan” every now and then. It can be the difference between sticking with a healthy eating plan, or falling off the wagon.  However, when we do this, more often than not, we not only gain guilt but weight.  So, with the help of a dietitian, we have put together an amazing range of “cheat meals” for you to enjoy, so you feel like you are being naughty, but you’re not.  This helps you stick with it,while also showing you healthier options for the future.