The Rock Bottom eBook is packed with detail!  104 pages including weight loss information, three different weight loss options, working from the one core plan, giving you freedom to choose how YOU want to improve your health, to fit in with your focus, family and lifestyle, sample menu plans for each of the three plan options, a four week exercise plan, created by Margie, suitable for all levels of fitness, check lists, recipes, success stories and much more.  


First released in early Feb 2014, Rock Bottom hit the ground running, selling 1000’s of copies. Of those who registered their weekly weight loss*, we saw over 5000 kgs lost in the first 18 months of the eBooks release.  Now into its fourth (and best) edition, Rock Bottom is still kicking huge goals and helping people change their health for the better.  


We have seen many group members transform their lives, becoming healthy, happy & confident individuals.

The core plan is based on fresh foods, fruit and vegetables, involves minimal preparation, which leaves you more time for the important things, like….. living!!  Buyers of the eBook can also request access to our private support group. 

There is no registering, no waiting for preset rounds. NO ONGOING COSTS. Stop and start when YOU want to, not when someone tells you you can.  Just one low purchase cost. Because weight loss shouldn’t break the bank.

* approximately 750 people, over the 18 month period, shared weight loss results in our Private Support Group, once a week, which was recorded. Not all at the same time, some for only a few weeks, others for a few months.  There was never more than 120 people in one tracking week, sharing results.  These results were based on the participants providing their own weight loss figures.

Scroll through these great before and afters and comments made in our support group, to see the impact Rock Bottom has had for people.

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