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My Evolution Approved Recipes

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Losing weight is associated with non family friendly meals, that are bland and boring.  That's just not correct!  You can enjoy wonderful, healthy meals, that all your family can enjoy as well, that are not pre-packaged, high in calories, fats, or sugars.  Whatever you want to call it - Clean eating / Healthy eating - it doesn't have to a struggle.

Here are some recipes that are all tried and tested by our group members.  They have either been created by them or adapted from "main stream" recipes.  Some of these you will find in our Evolve Your Food eCookbook.  Evolve Your Food is filled with over 140 plan approved recipes, covering - Breakfast / Vegetables / Chicken / Seafood / Salad / Snacks / Condiments, Stocks & Spices plus lots of helpful tips and information.  It's worth grabbing a copy of, even if you aren't following the My Evolution plan.  

We hope you enjoy trying some of these recipes out!  Simply click on the links below and you will be taken to the recipes in that section.